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PlayMechanical Mod for Vaping mechanicalmod

Mechanical Mod for Vaping?

By Jay CrawfordArticles
There are dozens of great mechanical mods for electronic smoking devices on the market today. Among the most sought after are rebuildable atomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers and rebuildable tank atomizers. Each has its own unique perks that can help to customize the vaping experience ...
PlayHerb and Wax Vaporizers herbandwaxvaporizers

Herb and Wax Vaporizers

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Herb and wax vaporizers are extraordinary alternatives to traditional forms of smoking. They have been designed specifically to use substances other than the eliquids used in standard electronic smoking devices in order to give users a wider range of use.   Herb   The clearomizers ...
PlayE-Cigarette Clearomizers ecigaretteclearomizers

E-Cigarette Clearomizers

By Jay CrawfordArticles
When it comes to e cigarette clearomizers, two names stick out above the others. Aspire and KangerTech both have exceptional quality aftermarket parts made to improve the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the world. Each has its own unique qualities that make it special, ...
PlayBenefits of E Cigs benefitsofecigs

Benefits of E Cigs

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Exploring the benefits of e cigs is a great way to learn more about this exciting and innovative device which has been compared to the innovation discovered to end smallpox. There are several interesting facts that make electronic smoking devices a great alternative for smokers. Here ...
PlayAlternatives to Smoking Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes alternativestosmokingcigarettes

Alternatives to Smoking Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Among the best alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are personal vaporizers, more commonly known as e cigs which allow users to enjoy vaping nearly anywhere. They’re cheaper than traditional forms of smoking, like tobacco cigarettes, pipes and cigars, and they don’t ...
PlayWhat Is an E cigarette whatisanecigarette

What Is an E cigarette?

By Jay CrawfordArticles
What is an e cigarette? They’re the best smoking alternative on the market today. E cigs are battery powered devices that are able to mimic smoking through the use of a vapour created by heating an e liquid. One of the most confusing aspects of these great electronic vaping devices ...
PlayVapour Cigarettes vapourcigarette

Vapour Cigarettes

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Vapour cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional forms of smoking tobacco cigarettes. They can be used without the fear of toxic smoke that can disturb others and leaves no lingering smell. There are quite a few interesting e cigs that are reasonably priced and make for an ...

Vape Shops

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Top quality vape shops are few and far between. Those living in Niagara Falls and Toronto are among the lucky ones. The finest in the industry have vape shops in both cities, and are able to provide the latest and most popular vaping devices on the market today. Come and meet our ...
PlayTypes of Vape Devices typesofvape

Types of Vape Devices

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Exploring the different types of vape devices and e liquids on the market today is vital to obtaining the best possible e cig for your personal needs and tastes. Some of the most popular units around can be found at the finest vape shop in Canada.   Elips   The Elips series ...
PlaySave Money with Electronic Cigarettes savemoneywithelectroniccigarettes

Save Money with Electronic Cigarettes

By Jay CrawfordArticles
It’s easy to save money with electronic cigarettes. The starter kits for the most popular brands of e cigs alone are a fantastic savings made better by the exceptional value of the e liquids used to fuel the devices. Learning a little more about the contents of a basic starter kit ...

The Rechargeable E Cig

By Jay CrawfordArticles
A rechargeable e cig is the perfect alternative to traditional forms of smoking. They offer a list of benefits that can’t be matched by their traditional counterparts, including the ability to use them in places without creating dangerous second hand smoke and a lingering smell that ...

Nicotine E Juice

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Nicotine E Juice   The nicotine e juice used in electronic smoking devices is a cleaner alternative to traditional forms of smoking tobacco. They’re free from the cancer causing agents most widely associated with tobacco, and provide users with social and personal benefits that ...

Nicotine Content in E Cigarettes

By Jay CrawfordArticles
The Nicotine Content in E Cigarettes   The nicotine content in e cigarettes is a topic that comes up with alarming frequency. While it’s certainly true that many of the e liquid flavours on the market today do have the option to contain nicotine, but it’s not the dangerous carcinogenic ...

Electronic Hookah: A Smart Alternative

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Electronic Hookahs: A Smart Alternative   In some countries, hookah has been a social activity long considered a necessary norm. In the past few decades, hookah has become more popular in North America. It was initially thought that they were less harmful than traditional tobacco ...

Electronic Cigarettes Toronto

By Jay CrawfordArticles
Electronic Cigarettes in Toronto   Getting the best electronic cigarettes Toronto has to offer is simple if you know what to look for in a reputable company. A brick and mortar shop offers customers the opportunity to see and touch the incredible new e cigs on the market and ...

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

By Jay CrawfordArticles
An electronic cigarette starter kit is the perfect way to get your feet wet with a cleaner, tar-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. E cigs are substantially cheaper than their traditional tobacco counterparts and won’t bother your friends or family with unpleasant ...
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